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The EPUAP Pressure Ulcer Masterclass Programme is available soon.

The Masterclass will cover following topics:

  • Pressure ulcer etiology (biomechanics, pressure induced deep tissue injury, microclimate)
  • Pressure ulcer risk assessment
  • Pressure ulcer diagnosis and classifcation
  • Device related pressure ulcers
  • Health economics
  • Support surfaces for prevention and treatment: biomechanics and clinical evidence
  • Case discussions for prevention and treatment (critically ill patients, pediatrics, rehabilitation, palliative care, bariatric patient)
  • Repositioning
  • Treatment: cleansing, debridement, assessment and treatment of infection and bioflms, wound dressings, biological dressing, growth factors and biophysical agent
  • Guideline development
  • Implementation, quality indicators, quality improvement projects
  • Basic principles about research and pressure ulcers